Leading Competence – Across All Functional Areas

The service offerings of Franke Aviation & Transportation Consulting are built around the person of Dr Markus Franke, one of the most renowned aviation and transportation experts in Europe.

With 23 years of industry experience, a 15-year project track record with major top management consulting firms, and 8 years in international leadership roles, Dr Franke is a sought-after advisor for demanding clients in a variety of success-critical projects.

His name stands for leading competence – across all relevant functional areas. For you, this means: world-class consulting services, tailor-made for your individual business environment and problem. You can download a profile of Dr Franke by clicking here.

Beyond this inner core of senior expertise, Franke Aviation & Transportation Consulting has access to a network of additional resources:

  • Freelancers for data mining, analytics, documentation, etc.
  • Senior Experts for particular contributions in functional areas such as network optimisation or airport operations
  • Case-by-case collaboration with selected mid-sized or major consultancies to facilitate larger projects
  • Teaming with technology providers to generate innovative solutions (e.g., Big data concepts, Traffic flow forecast, M2M, Automation)

No matter which constellation you finally opt for, you as the client will always be the focal point – as well as your demand for excellence and value-creating solutions.